Friday, January 2, 2009

oh, resolutions!

Heyya. Firstly, i wana wish everyone a

Happy New Year!

Finally, its 2009. Not something we all want to hear, but a new year means we're all gonna
get one year older! Xp Omg. I feel so old all of a sudden! hahah! So, talking about the New
Year,it reminds me that i would have to come up with my own set of Resolutions for the year
2009! Writing down our resolutions is one thing. Keeping to our resolutions is another!

To be honest, every New Year i would write one long list of resolutions! And after one month
forget about it and it ends up into the rubbish bin. Yes, i am guilty of that! But im sure many
are too!! So this year, i have decided that i will work towards sticking to my resolutions!And for those thattoo have resolutions but can't really stick to it. We'll try this out & do this together yea? *winks!

Trust me, the sense of acomplishment when you've completed a resolution is something money
can't buy! (:

Instead of telling you guys how to keep to your New Years Resolutions, heres something for a change!

How To Make New Years Resolutions You Will Actually Keep
*before i start, i would advice you to keep your resolution short and sweet. Perhaps just 2 would be good. A long list of resolutions will get very messy.

1.Make A Draft

Create a rough draft of all the things you would like to do in 2009. Create categories such as Finances, Health, Loce, Spiritual and Others. Use a piece of paper or type it into the computer.
Write out a list of of resolutions and from the list, Choose 2 or 3 resolutions you think are important and focus on those 2/3.

2.Clarify Your Goals

This is THE most important step. When clarifying your goals, be SPECIFIC and be REALISTIC. Instead of saying ''I want to loose 15kg in one month'' try ''i want to loose 3kg in 2 weeks'' And
instead of saying ''Shop less'' try '' I will cut my shopping trips down to twice a month''

3.Make Achievable Goals

Choose goals which you will be able to achieve and feel pride over. Like Read a new book every month. These goals are much easier to achieve and succeed at then daily goals or weekly goals. Make yourself a success by choosing goals wisely.

P.s. Always take a step back from time to time and ask yourself if you are on track with your goals!! Nothing is ever set in stone with your New Year's resolutions, which could be one of the main reasons why people slack on them so often.(: By checking on your personal goals, you are allowing yourself to get back on track should you stop at any point in your process to keep to your resolutions!

Also!! Making a plan and gathering a group of people will like-minded resolutions can make a world of difference.

EG. If one of your resolutions is to quit smoking, surround yourself with others who have the very same goals. This kind of a support system can be an incredible help whenever you feel as though you need inspiration and that extra boost of will power.*winks

And finally, time for my own set of New Year Resolutions! xp

1.Work Hard to achieve atainable grades for my upcoming O levels
2. Learn to plan out my time for Family,Baby,School and Others
3.Cut down shopping sprees to Once a Month

It will be written down , and put into my sidebar as a constant reminder for me
to keep to my resolutions! (: All the best to keeping your goals and
Happy new year again! *wink


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