Friday, November 21, 2008

Nessaa is back!

Hey guys, i am finally back. Yes , finally right? I have not blogged here in ages.I've so much to blog about.But before i start on anything, i wana apologise to my mom! Mom, i know that, over the years i have caused you much trouble and worries.And it's time i start to grow up,im 16, might be a tad rebillious at times. But this time, i really acknowledge that what i did was wrong. I dont know if you'll be reading this, but i'll definitely prove it to you that i'll grow & learn to be a more mature person,and do my best for my O's next year, and mom, cheez really is a nice guy. =/

Not easy aplogising to your mom,in front of the entire world okay. (note:worldwideweb!) Anyways, glad to be back from my Hiatus and Bintan. And i've changed my blog layout. yay! And this would not have been made possible,if not for my amazing layout designer EvBabeh aka Yenniedoll! Love her to bits for her help! Everyone go give her some uniques now!!! Also, on the 21st of Nov was Cheez's & my 2nd month Anniversary! Happy 2nd month baby! :) And many more to come!

Now,let's get on to my Bintan trip shall we? I believe i had enough talking and rantings! So, how about i let the pictures do the talking! :)

Stayed at The Angsana Resort& Spa!
The room was really nice!

Alcohol in the room, but its not free!
This part of bintan, actually uses SGD & USD!
@the Angsana,everything is priced in USD!

The pretty balcony,where you're able
to see & hear the beach!

The Resort's Private Beach

Dinner at the beach,while watching the

How about,dinner with your love one
on the Rocks?

Mom& dad!

Found a Crab @ d beach!!

SandArt? ;p

And of course, i got back sunburnt
and looking like a lobster!!

Went to a Kelong for dinner,
and the view was amazing.
Really reminds me of the beach @ Sepang.

Bye bintan!! ♥


wEtwEtwAtEr said...

bintan looks so so nice!
I would love to be there someday. with a loved one of course..

its good to have u back girl! *muax* ;)

tZeLih said...

oi oi oi...

BLue said...

where's my sand n sea water?

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

ooohh.. i love the sofa by the beach. feels like i could sit there forever =)

JustJasmine said...

Wow Bintan's so cool plus you look pretty in those photos....

And BS? Hahaha...

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