Monday, November 24, 2008

keep the spark

Once, i had a talk in school and was told that in a relationship, love is not all about your feeling for each other. Because feelings come and go.It is however impossible to define 'love'. Because love comes in different forms and we all have different definitions of it. So if feelings come and go.
How are we going to maintain that romance? Being in love is not easy, You each have to work at it in order to maintain and enjoy romance in your life. Here is how to maintain your relationship in a deep and meaningful way. You might want to try them! *winks

Truth is the ultimate and a great way to create connection with your partner.
For example, you might say "Sometimes I feel scared that we get so busy with other things that we forget about creating close moments together." Just share your true feelings and communicate. If you are concealing in your relationship, you will not feel connected, so consider making truth an ongoing priority in your life.

Take time to understand just what it is that you like about yourself, and your partner.
Appreciate whatever your partner does for you. As little it may be. Even an action as small as
getting you a glass of water. Shows that your partner cares and actually bothers to help you
get that glass. Appreciate them,like everyday is their last day on earth. :)

Each and everyone of us, im sure wants someone there to be our listening ear. Being with your partner, and really listening to them can be magical for you both. Often, we want to fix their problems, but it is much more powerful to just listen. Let your partner know that you're always there to lend a listening ear.

We often become confused and disappointed by expecting the other person to do what you want. However,try this. Do to your partner the things they like as well as you telling them what 'you' like, want, and expect. Naturally, you will end up receiving the same in return! :)

Last but not least,accept each other unconditionally, respect each others wishes and dislikes. Keep the mystery and fascination to each other and love each moment as if it is the last!!


tZeLih said...

print out to refer..LOL

Josh said...

Yea, what bout suddenly decided to fly over 700km to meet your love ones? ^_^

Agnes said...

yesh TL u will need it wtf...

nice one abby xD


Agnes said...

yesh josh. we all know that..

very powderful xD

JustJasmine said...

Keep the spark alive, yes every lovers should do that!

Cathy said...

Darling, nice one =)

Venessa ♥♥ said...

Josh: yala you powderful k, why nv fly to PD to find your ghey partner TL? xD

Aggie: Hugs!! Thanks :)

Jasmine: Yeap . ^^

Cathy: Darling, thanks :p *MUACKS

シ Puiyeng said...

Very nice one. =)

Yi Ling said...

this is so going to my brain. haha! i think if this is examinable, you and junjun-riko would probably beat all of us la. LOL.

=chuan guan= said... gure strikes again

♥ Player V said...

no one is that perfect.

Phoebe said...

good one!!

kelvin.seetoh said...

Another thing: Unconditional Life

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