Sunday, October 12, 2008

To be attached or single? That is the question!

I remember chatting once with my friend, she just got out of a relationship and i had just got into one. Basically she started talking about how awesome it is to be single and not attached to anyone.On the other hand, i was telling her how awesome it is to be with someone and in love. Well, there are pros and cons to this situation.

Some people like it single. No strings attached. Some people feel that a Relationships is a nightmare because sooner or later they will be over, and someone's gonna break someone's heart. If you start liking someone else the relationship doesn't work for you anymore. People are not as interested in you anymore because you are in a relationship. Being single you can hook up, flirt and have flings. There was a period when i felt that Being single actually works for me. Because being single i know that there is zero chances of my heart getting hurt by a guy. I have the freedom to do anything i want without a boyfriend holding me back.

But on the other hand, i realise that i didnt find joy in being single for long. I met my boyfriend, and i realise how as much as i want that freedom, i dont mind giving it up for him. Because the feeling of being loved is really the most wonderful thing on earth. Being in a relationship is taking a risk. When one goes into a relationship , you risk your heart getting broken, you risk getting hurt by the other party. So you trust the other person,you trust that person with your fragile heart, that he will not be another one breaking your heart.

Being in a relationship is also about taking chances, Ultimately, we are all searching for 'The One' . So we step into a relationship hoping that this person is 'The One' but most of the time, it dosent go our way. That person dissapointed you. Caused you much hurt. And then you swore never to trust another one again because, you're afraid of getting hurt again, because that person broke your trust. But have you ever thought, why not give another one another chance? Never mind if that new person hurts you, because everytime you get hurt and you pick yourself up, it only makes you stronger and more mature. No one said looking for ''The One'' was easy.

Anyways back on track, there are also people that wants the best of both world. Well, dosen't everyone? There are bound to be times whereby people that are single wish that they could be loved by someone and there are times whereby people who are attached wish that they are single. Are we all never satisfied? Well welcome to reality, there is no such thing as the best of both world. We all have to make a choice, so which is yours? Would you prefer to be Single with freedom or Attached with someone and be loved?


Akira said...

I've been single for too long, noxw thinking of trying out a relationship but the other half of me doesn't want to commit or let go my freedom.

Still sorting things out currently and hope by end of this year I've got everything sorted out.

Venessa ♥♥ said...

akira: Yeah, you're the kind that wants the best of both world. stuck in the middle. Somehow u gotta make a choice soon. All the best (:

BloggerTips said...

Great post. Erm I believe both also good la. but talking about breaking up, sometimes ppl can treat it as in hell. dare not to stand up once again. they feel like no hope no love.

JunJun-Riko said...

haha.. ya.. now i remember why i was attracted to ur blog the 1st time i read it. u can write stuff in a very mature n true way. ^^ miss ya girl~

zhengdhong said...

being single and attached has its pros and cons.. like you said, being single u can mingle around but by being attached, you can have someone to lean onto whenever you have problems... i guess it depends on what a person needs the most. im in a relationship now, i used to enjoy my single life but at times when i hv problems i needed someone to talk to. and thts hard for me at tht time. but now things are different...i like it the way it is now..

3POINT8 said...

Great post! i envy you guys who can discuss about things like this so casually.

Btw, I prefer being single. There is so much to explore within me~~~

PehHwa said...

Nice post.
Wants are unlimited but resources are scarce.
Personally I prefer single very much. May be there is no one can replace it currently, therefore, there I have no intention to get hook up.

Michael John Kon said...

simple and sweet....single for now,make friends with everyone but open up to all possiblity...and let it flow...and after your shall see a miracle!!

c@nEy said...

me prefer to be single but loving someone dearly...well, just a different way of loving doesnt mean you wont experience the whole lovey dovey thing but yea...thats my temporary thing for single or attached?

nice post babe...*hugs*

joshuaongys said...

i'm the person who wants the best our of both worlds... but i failed hahahahaha

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