Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coolest blog award!

Butterfly award - For the coolest blog I ever know

I know that this is long time overdue! But I've been given this really pretty butterfly award by
Josh and Spectre! You guys are so awesome!!! *hugs!!
Im already happy to get selected. What more, selected by two people!! (:
Anyways! Im now supposed to pass this award on to the next Top 10 coolest blog i ever know!

Note that This is in random order yeah!

Chris Thoo: He is my awesome God- brother!! Always looking out for me, and giving me advices!
He even called me all the way from KL once, when i was super down to cheer me up! aww! *hugs! Anyways! His blog is superr cool, he designed the blog himself! With that really awesome
Header!! Its like 3D.

: No, of course im not nominationg him because he's my boyfriend! Hahah. His blog is so cool , because it's super emo. lol *winkwink. No one can beat the emo-ness in his blog okay! haha
And also this is a belated birthday present for him, aside from the video. *hugs

: This girl, is one of my best blogger girlfriend! She's helped me with alot of things like spying *winkwink! (inside joke) And lots of girl advices! Im sure lots of you know her.I dont even need to eleborate on why her blog is cool! *wink I cant wait to see her soon!

: Have been hanging out with this hawttie since she's been in Singapore! It's really nice hanging out with her. Especially when she makes the effort to send me home to my doorstep, cos it was kinda late!! So sweet ! She definitely deserves this award!! Her blog cool, becausee, i like her music blog, and sometimes i wonder how she managed to handle so many blogs at one go.

JoshuaOngys: He's a really nice person!!! Super nice! And i think his blog is superr cool because it's always updated with lots of pretty pictures! Me likey! *winks! Im sure everyone agree with me too right? haha! *hugs

Josh524: Oh, i just got the information from josh that i can actually give back the award to whoever that selected me! So yes, Josh!! Met him in real life, and he's a funny dude! Really full of crap. In a good way! But he's a really nice chap! But he's gay. Sorry girls. (Joke la) He's cute and he's single. Any takers? (Josh pay up! ) *winkwink

Tze Lih: This guy is a joker! And oh, we've been talking alot recently and i just realised that he's very poetic lor! Haha he likes to write poems. Right? xD And his blog is cool, cos he can actually dedicate one whole post to me, because of my super long name! hahah

Spectre: Spectree! Super nice fella. He's currently Demonic. == and lives at H.E.L.L. Ask him if you want to know more bout that place! *wink. Hahah Super nice of him to give me this award. awww *hugs!

CathyC: I know she already has this, but im still going to select her, because i find her blog cool.
She's a really sweet and bubbly person! Always giving me virtual hugs! I too, cannot wait to see her this coming 25th!

Jess: She's one of the really nice people in nncb too. and she's gona go down to Kay Elle, and we're gona have lunch together! yay! *jumps arpund in joy* hahah! Her blog is cool, no need to eleborate too, cos everyone already knows that! *wink!

For all the 10 bloggers I nominated, you can cotinue to nominate other bloggers too. Just follow the instruction.

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Have fun nominating!


Josh said...

Thank you for advertising me? Haha... No worries, Nuffnang will pay you accordingly. ^_^

♥ JessieTan said...

MORE THAN LUNCH!! wheeeeee we're gonna prolly go for snacks and zomg J.CO donuts! blekkkk =) =)

yes and thankew babe!

joshuaongys said...

lolx my blog sucks la wehhh dont la write till so good i will blush ><

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