Thursday, October 16, 2008

Long Distance Relationship

Because of so many people pairing up recently, i've been writing a number of posts relating to relationships. And now im being called the love guru? xD Anyways, The topic today will be on
LDR. Long Distance Relationship. Since i myself am in one and i know of quite a number of couples having LDRs.Some because their other half is studying at another state? And some because their other half is overseas working. I am not an expert in LDRs. Me & baby are still learning to get the hang of a LDR. Because its not easy being in one. But if the both of you really love each other. Distance wouldnt be a problem right? Well there are the pros and cons to this as well.

The Cons!
The con is mainly the mile barrier between the both of you. That you are not able to go out and spend time with each other like other normal couples. And if your other half is feeling down or upset, you are not able to be there by their side physically. And that really sucks.

The Pros!
Because of the mile barrier , it does not allow the both of you to spend time together. So when the both of you take time off to meet each other. It is most likely that every moment and second spent together is treasured. And treasure each other more!

Basically, ive seen live examples of LDR's that worked. Its not easy but bear in mind that Communication and Trust is key! Stephanie said that the webcam will be my new best friend.
And i found it so true. It is my new best friend. Also, the worry and the jealousy may kick but it really depends on how much you trust your partner, but during this away time you learn to strengthen yourself and it betters your relationship because you can see how faithful you are both to each other.

But in the end, it is your love for each other that will really help overcome the miles between the both of you. Yeap, love is That powerful. Be strong for each other.Bear in mind, an LDR is not forever. It is only those few years that you have to bear with. (: If the both of you truly love each other. You will realise that suffering those few years would be after all worth it! *winks! I am however thankful that me & baby are not that far apart, compared to some. And we still do get the chance to see each other time to time! (:


Ben said...

And da Love Guru strikes again. My sis has maintained her LDR for 2 years now. Maybe it does work.

Ripalo Cal said...
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Venessa ♥♥ said...

ripalo: it really depends on both the party.
different couple different situation. u cannot judge and say no immeidately.anyways, my post yet again is based on general context and also the number of people i know that are currently in a LDR.

tZeLih said...

i'm a total noob in this. this post really a great guide for me.


hellokittykat said...

: (

my past experiences with LDR...and my friends' experiences..all ended up in tragedy.

But i still hope that LDR will still work out fine for others. ^^v

great post. ^^

Venessa ♥♥ said...

well like i said, it really depends on the couple's love for each other and determination to go all out and make the relationship work. You can have a normal relationship but still end up in tragedy. (:

cdason said...

I have to say I have a lot of reservations on LDR :(

Cathy said...

It's not easy.

But I believe things can work out, if both of them been through all the tough moment together and work things out before LDR starts.

And basically, trusting one another thing is really important too.

Guess what, my friend and her bf is working fine on their LDR..and I am happy for them..They are like almost 4 years together now..=)

Ven dear, I am sure you can work things out too..
Although I wanna muack muack you everyda..haha..


Me, the islands and the world said...

i know some people who went through LDR and is now doing well with their partners. As you said, trust and communication are the keys. The next factor is both parties should be willing to work it out.

Yvonne Yong said...

interesting post. you just penned something that i am going through right now o.O

i won't be able to meet up for 5 months, and i'm already halfway through =).... hopefully the 5 months will come to an end soon..

honestly speaking, in this period of time, i tend to realize a lot of things that i haven't been noticing. which i find it good. =)

gl to you ;]

dyvallion said...

LDR didn't work out for me. My 5 years long relationship was destroyed after only 3 months of long distance. Oh well, at least, it served as a test to the relationship.

Wishing you all the best in yours! :)

kang yong said...

Sometimes, even she just stay opposite of my apartment, but she still claimed we met too much. This had became one of the reason for her to break up with me.

anyway, different couple has different situation and everyone does has the different thinking too. But what still can do if the another side didn't want to put his/her trust on you anymore. Haiz...

Jeffro said...

Hmmm..saw this post din had the chance to read it, until now.. LDR's.. Hmmm..

I guess that's how people learn to cherish and treasure their partners more.. xD

To anyone who's read the post, wish yal all the best *Winks* May yal have a great time.. xD

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