Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yes, im finally back from my trip to Tanjung Pinang,Bintan. Tanjungpinang is the capital and largest town of the Indonesian Province of Riau Islands. The city with 150,000 residents,and is a trading port between islands in the Riau archipelago. Tanjung Pinang is located on Bintan island. And Tanjung Pinang itself is 4 Times of Singapore. Can you believe it? The whole of Bintan is definitely Wayy bigger! Actually, we headed over to Bintan because, my dad is posted to work there. To Oversee a new shipyard there. So we went there to visit him and at the same time Went on a holiday~

Day One
Headed over to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at Changi, to get the 3.30pm Ferry to Bintan.

The Boat : Wavemaster 5
I found out that im actually Seasick @@
After an hour and a half ride on the boat... I looked out of the window and
saw this really pretty sight. Finally we've arrived.

At the Ferry Terminal At bintan,
We got picked up, and sent to
Bintan Agro Beach Resort & Spa

And ta-dah~ Our Room.
It's called the Villa On The Hill (Rofl)
But annoying la, cause have to climb duno how many
million steps, and i had to drag my heavy luggage up,
cause the staff couldnt even be bothered to help me
when they saw me struggling to carry my heavy luggage up! ==

Of course this is only a part of the Villa.

We arrived pretty late,
So we headed off to the Resort Restaurant for Seafood! :D

They Serve Ah-Mazing Black Pepper Crab!
Very Fresh

And, Bintan is popular for it's amazing beaches , No?
I got up for breakfast the next morning and was greeted
by such a wonderful view.

They kinda laid these chair out, in front of the sea..and
It looks really beautiful ,during high tide..

My dad, then got us a Personal Tourguide/Driver,
as he had to head off to work.
And we were brought to a Kelong. :D

See how blue and clear the sea there is!

And of course, we had a chance to have lunch
at the Kelong, Everything there is so fresh.
Yes, More Seafood! ==
Ive been eating seafood for literally Breakfast
lunch and dinner. I think i'll be staying
away from seafood for quite some time. lol

And then, we got back to the resort at about 3,
And, what is a stay at a resort without trying the Spa there??
Tried the Oceanic Massage Spa.
And...Yeap it was good. haha

Headed for some Pool at Night

Low Tide and my feet (rofl)

The water there is THAT blue and clear and clean

The one below, is seawater from Singapore. (Sentosa)

Anyhows, though there were some moments uncalled for,I did enjoy myself
and had seen what i wanted to see (Clear blue seawater). I brought my laptop along
but the resort told me that there wasnt any internet! My mom called and they said have lor. wtf.
Lie to me. Anyways, i had fun la. The fishes were so cute, i so wanted to use a plastic bag and
catch those little ones on the sea bed. == Haha i caught a baby crab though :D its as small as those super small spiders you see at home. Cute oookay! Anywayys. Home Sweet Home ! :D
Glad to be home, and back into civilisation!! hahaha! Hope you all enjoyed the pictures la.. Im like promoting Bintan, haha.


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