Monday, September 22, 2008

This weekend has been pretty tirring yet awesome and one that i will always remember!
Got to attend the Nuffnang Gathering in Singapore, met Boss Ming, the nuffies and other bloggers.
And also something more special that made my weekend a really good one. Well. I'll just let the pictures do the talking eh? (:

Saturday 20.09.08
Suntec Convention and Nuffnang Gathering

Agreed to meet up with Nath nath and Josh for some Suntec Games Convention then heading for the gathering together later in the evening. So headed over there with Cheez . But me & cheez ended up going our own way!

Stephanie planned a surprise for Mikey
Happy Birthday in advance mikey!

Boss Ming giving his speech!

Food was covered by Nuffnang!!

Sunday 21.08.09
Date with Cheez

Well headed out with Cheez on sunday. I told him that i would bring him around Vivo City!
So we kinda headed for dinner then proceed to catch a movie!

Fish & chips For me

So since i wont be able to spend his birthday with him as well
And his birthday is kinda 2 days after mikeys bdae.
I kinda planned him a mini surprise during dinner.

And he was playing with the Happy Birthday Sign ==

Something kinda happened laa.♥
And now, i'm kinda happy to say that we've agree to take
this relationship up to the next level and make it official, and do all our best
to make it right. xoxo

No more him & me. Its Us now
Monday 22.09.08
Sending cheez off
Lunch with nath

Cabbed over to Novena in the morning to send him off.
He gave me a really cute Tee and Bubblegums!!

I'll really miss you so so much.
I cant wait to see you next month.

Headed over to Bugis to meet up with Nath Nath
For a short lunch before heading home.

P.s.! Glad you're safely back home in KL.
Yeap. It turned out to be such an awesome weekend!♥


JunJun-Riko said...

wa.. the bd mini surprise.. i also want leh... looks yummy... ^^

and cheez is.... =.="

Venessa ♥♥ said...

Jun ....haaha!
Why is he =.-"
Lol! xD the bd surprise is only ice cream! x.x

Jon Ming said...

Eh! lawltees!
piang eh that's expensive stuff! oklah for me. hehe.

Hi cheez's special. I'm cheez's old friend. =]

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