Saturday, September 20, 2008

The dang post, was totally not me. I dont dang people..i seriously dont know what had came over me the other day. If marcie wants to dang my every post, then let him. Im not gonna Stoop down to his level and do the same. (: Sorry jun btw.

Updates on whats been going on the past few days!

Happy Birthday Grand Dad!!

This picture is so last week

But yes, i headed for the nuffnang Babylon. A.D screening!

And, over the past few days ive been meeting up with Nath Nath But we havent been snapping much! And last night, CS & Friend headed down to SG. like Finally. They were expected to arrive at Novena at about 8PM. So Nath came over to my place for awhile before we headed off
to Novena to meet the guys!I gave him the muffins i made. =x
And he sorta gave me something too @@
. Well not sorta...But he gave me something..


Lol! Mooncakes!
& i thought the Mooncake festival was over already xD

And then , we headed off to take the MRT back together..cos they were heading towards
Boon Lay which is on the Green Line and passes Queenstown. And nath sorta sent me home!
haha. How sweet! xD Anyways, i'll be meeting them today again.
And to be honest...i seriously cant wait. ! =p

Yaaa.... btw to those ppl who keep asking,dont ask anymore. CS is a mystery person!

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