Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crazy people & extreme theories

I love you Lennon babyyy. Thankyou for being such an understanding baby. Love you always & forever baby. You're so sweet to meee. aww.
P.s. Listen up twit!! As nice as i want to be to you.(Basically, im nice to whoevers nice to me, and nasty to whoevers not) Its just the thrill of driving You up the wall and making your life miserable that makes everything so so fun. I havent had much fun in my life for quite some time and its time i injected some fun in it right? haha. Whats mine. Is mine. Dont be such a despo please? You're disgracing the name of us girls. So go back to your chinese songs and stop downgrading yourself any further.
Let me recommend you a job as a hooker? (:

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