Sunday, June 22, 2008

You're all i ever needed

Its 5.15am in the mornign and im still perfectly awake.I feel cheated btw. Gah~

Still sick today, when will i ever get better?? Schools starting tomorrow(Its past 12)! Ohmyfuck. I feel like crying?I do not want to head back to school Yet, I'll miss maple and everyone in there.And i'll miss lazing around at home, and definitely, I'll miss waking up at 3pm in the afternoon and sleeping at 4am in the morning.I need my beauty sleep, Oh wells. 3 more months, just gotta bear with it. Headed over to cousins in the evening. Sorry pretty that i couldnt stay over.She might be coming tomorrow. Yay. Baby is experimenting with BannedStory. haha, and yeah, that website is awesome shitz.

Caught Red Handed abusing, her toys~

Idont know why cousin, is listening to my ipod like that. when there's a earpiece!

Here's a sneek peek into my maple character. Heh :3

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