Monday, June 23, 2008

Twirls & Flirts

Had a super tiresome day, ive not even had dinner yet! And its already 9. School had alot of changes.Woo! No more homeroom system. The school actually made it sound like a punishment for us by taking away the homeroom system.But the dont know that, the homeroom system is such a dred.I lovelovelove classroom system way better.And out class is on the 2nd level! Awesome.The non awesome news for me, would be that. We're not moving to the tempo premises next year, but the year after i graduate.Which means, no 1 stop mrt for me anymore.But there's always a cab! So, i guess im fine with that. Headed out, to pick cousin at school when school ended. Then, headed down to town. Outings with cousin has always been coolshit fun. I love her turckloads, Prettay! Yoou soo make my day! Ive been awfully sad in school today.Ranting to her about ***** over lunch. Fucking pissed. ABout YOU, about everything! Muffin making on saturday!! And adidas wholesale with cousin! Had tuition immediately when i got home. Im tired of everything. Cousin, you do not have issues with your hair!

P.s Someone shoot me please!
p.s.s Cousin is reading shakespear poems to me on the phone now. rofl!
Ps! Cousin & i are dead tired from walking almost everywhere in town today!

I finally think i know what this is all about already. I do not even think that i ever meant anything at all to you. Im not surprised really. I just didnt want to believe that you were such a person. I wanted to prove to those people that didnt like you, that you're actually much much better than what they thought of you.But i now realise, that im unable to do so...once again, feeling useless as always...I really hate it that i cant seem to do anything right now a days..everything gets so fucked up.I dont know whats wrong with me, and i hate feeling like this all the time..its seriously getting in my way of doing things...fuckit.

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