Wednesday, June 25, 2008

City lights shine for you

School always rock with my two favourite hotties! D&L. haha, anyways. Im already starting to get sick of school.Its been ages since ive last stepped into a club! And, cos of that fag kerwin!! I feel like going soon.Bleh, clubbing songs digging in my head now.I need to get rid of all that stressful school shit anyways. Sooo, anyone wana tag along with me? We'll go drinking till we drop :x Hees! Maybe next week i'll go! Or prolly the next event, whatever.Saw girlfriend's BF! haha. So sweet.!! haha. envy envy!!
Baby didnt text me in school today, zz. whutever. I wana go sleep! I got home early today and theres no effin tuition.Yay. !

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