Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'll make every second count, when im with you.

''Im like a Rag Doll, Rip me, Tear me. Smear me with mud. And im still right here smiling.''

Headed back to school today for English Oral Prelims. It's great to see everyone again, And congratulations girlfriend. You're finally attached pretty.! Wish you all the best with him.Got the above quote from her, while we were chatting this morning. I think it's a really sweet Quote.Kerwin asked me out to MOS with him, but i guess im gona have to give it a miss. Im tired.My heart's confused. Why am i always trying to play the strong girl. When inside, Im just so weak and Fragile. Why am i not giving love another chance?Perhaps because, Ive been through one too many?And it never fails to bring me heartaches, tears and dissapointment.But everything now seems like a big joke. And im being made a fool of. I dont know what is real and what not already. And i refuse to let in, unless im certain.

btw. iloveyou cousin . heh

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