Friday, May 30, 2008

Tinted windows of love

Revived! Revived! Finally updating this blog after a long time, 1st week of holidays was awesome.Cousin stayed over.! Vivo-ed, Online spooky detective games and Mee Goreng!!
Had, chinese Orals for prelims on Wednesday! Horrible, I had Mr Choe!!! But i heard that
he's actually rather strict when it comes to like marking, eg. Orals & Composition. Supposed
to head for Literature & F&N but im sick, Nose leaking like a tap and fever. Headed over to cousins place Yesterday, to sort some stuff out ._. but nvm. Had a great time with her!! ;D
APN2!! Hahahh, she lent us her sims!! weee~ Im gona try it out soon! Actually now. (:

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