Friday, May 23, 2008


For once in my life, i dare say GO DADDY. You're awesome shiz and you rock. And for once in my life i think Mr Dill is the worse teacher ever.I have no eye deer what he spoke about me to my dad during Parent Teacher Conference because i didnt go to school today. But i think he mentioned that i skipped my exams and feigned illness just to skip exams. HAHAHA wthefuck. He did say about other people too. I have never in my entire life skipped a fucking examination la. Only because i was having fever of freggin 38.9 degrees that i didnt go. And my dad scolded him for bad mouthing me. HAHAH. omfg my dadee is awesomee. Woots, im thankful that my dad isnt the kind that believes whatever shit the teacher says and even rebutted him back. hahahh, L. Do not look down on my daddy plox. You merely just a teacher. ;D

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