Saturday, May 10, 2008

Take A Bow (Updated!)

Daytime was borring, Just spent the day doing nothing. Prepared for my moms Mother's Day Dinner at the Mandrin Oriental Hotel, Got dressed & all. Arrived there, and Headed to Melts Restaurant located at the 4th level. The International Buffet Spread there was great,The price was great too uh costed us almost 500 dollars haha I think weve spent more than 1k on mothers day this year, inclusive of the Flowers and Dinner and Handphone.The four of us ate to our full.Best dinners we ever ate.And the service there was good. I was using my hands to eat the prawns. rofl, so unglam. But one of the staff saw me using my hands and immediately brought me a bowl of warm water with Lemon to wash my hands. Great Service, Had unlimited supply of Oysters n Salmon!!! woots!. Presented mom her presents. Flowers and a new Cell Phone. :D Happy Mothers Day mom. kissxoxo! Having another dinner tomorrow. But this time it's with the entire family. Weee, cant wait to see Pretty and her new cheena hairstyle or so she calls it. haha Hearts
Updates! (11.05.08)
Lazy to create a new post just for this, but had news that after all, we're not going to Australia which is already as bad going there, but instead am going to Taiwan at the end of the Year with my cousins. like WHATTHEFUCK. Of All places Taiwan.Why cant we go to a country with tones of hot caucasian guys?!!!! I am so so so devastated. But on a good note, The doggy that i wanted Rush, His current Owner came over to my place to take a look at it. To see if its suitable for Rush. And they've decided that Im allowed to take him, as soon as im ready! woots! Need to find a good play pen for him (: And woots exams end at 9.30 tomorrow. And great, i havent Mugged for Social Studies. Weeeee, Poon is gunna chop my head off! rofl!JesseMcCartney in Leavin is so so hot. Pictures Below btw! Lovess

Pictures @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Mothers Day Dinner,10.05.08)!!

Lets Play Spot the Oysters :D
Deserts there are fab! and theres more!
Beef,Salmon,Baked potato. There was more!
Pretty Flower Flower :D

SORRY THANUSHA ABOUT TODAY. I'll get it for you. Promise (:

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