Friday, April 11, 2008

Till tonight do us part

Credits to Quincy Guinadi darling for the wishes in msn, Nice drawing love,heh. And thankyou everyone for the amazing surprise in school. Especially Doreen, Luyi, Gayathree and Raihan.
The cake was delicious, and all of you did Superb for 2.4! I didnt expect the cake, it was like all too sudden and i guess i was too down to notice much. I apologise much to Luyi & Gayathree for getting really impatient with you both.I was so pissed that you both didnt even let me get my bags to the canteen table! I was getting annoyed and was wondering whats up with you guys.Till i found out that You were actually stalling for time, while doreen got the cake out from the canteen and Lighted it. It was such a surprise i swear, I was just watching the class play Captain's Ball when i heard you guys singing the Birthday Song behind me. I turned around and saw a cake! I almost cried, seriously.I love and adore you guys, xoxo! Thanks to those lovelys that stayed up to 12 to wish me.& those that wished me today.Thanks to Dan for singing that Birthday Song, aha. Tho my phone almost exploded =x Kidding. Thanks to Luyi, for the Lunch Trip.(: Hope you liked the chocolates!! Now i realised, how much im loved with you people around. Now i know, True friends Yeah? xoxs & kisses

p.s. I never expected my own mom/family to make me shed tears on my birthday.
i hate you. So much, You had to make me cry on my Birthday didnt you? You just
HAD to do that right? Happy now? u can have that $600 for yourslef yeah. I aint
ain't eyeing it. Is it wrong that i've been wanted to get the card since 12? And cos of
You, i couldnt? Now that im legal to get it on my own. U get angry and kicked up a
Fuss giving a stupid reason that i was eyeeing the damn money? I wasnt , if not
I wouldnt have deposited. i hate you for making me shed tears, to the effin core.

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