Saturday, April 12, 2008

Never Ending Pitstop

Had a blast tooday, went out cos i felt like spending money =x So, i met him at Raffles City. Sposed to met at 2 but i was late and we ended up meeting at 3. rofl. Walked all the way to Suntec City, cos i wanted to treat myself to a Belated Birthday lunch, ahah.Met Cousin at Raffles! I was looking at these 3 SJI guys and was wondering why the one wearing a whie hat look extremly Familar, dejavu! Then that guy in the white hat came up to me! And i realized that it;s COUSIN. ahaha, They were doing Flag Day so i donated 2 Dollars, lmao. Such a small world.(: Well, i went on dutch. We had swensens!! Cause i wanted my yoghurt! They ran out of Mango. So i chose Bananna and Strawberries :D walked around suntec in search of an ATM machine cos i needed to withdraw money. He was late so we cabbed to Lavender, I met up with my maid. Cabbed to Bugis cos i wanted to walk around. Bought my Body Shop White Musk Room Essenstial Essence. Went to The Soup Spoon for a light dinner, Soup and breaded Mushrooms. I didnt want to head back to Lav to pick her cos she'll only end at 8. So my maid went back to wait for her and i took the train home. :D

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