Friday, March 28, 2008

We Blow kisses

Revival Post :D Im so proud of myself! haha i've made it through the week without having to skip a single day of school! Woots, go venessa! Lol! Anws, was going through my old blogs and was very much reminded of JRS & am starting to miss him D: Ouh wells! It's supposed to be PTC tooday, but because Mrs Chu is guna be present during PTC, told mom to Get Mr Dill to call her up. I cant believe that Mr Pat Ng wants to talk to all our parents. Except for a couple of girls Including Mel.Chin? Whut is this world coming to? I think im either heading out with Doreen to The Body Shop Sale tomorrow. Or heading over to cousin's house! I'll decide later (: Okay now, gotta go rush my tuition homework for tuition Later, Tsk Tsk .


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