Saturday, March 29, 2008

School's out.

I swear, I take my hats off to those who faced Mrs Chu During ptc for the fact that u all faced her negative comments about you all. Wether or not, Mr Dill helped u guys spoke up.But i know, she has the nastiest and smelliest mouth ever.No matter how good u are in class, She JUST has to say something bad about you to your parents. Its like it would kill her to actually not say something bad about someone. Thus, ever since she's been my co-form, i found her to be a parasite to this universe and a pain in my ass. Ive been getting my mom to miss PTC meetings with my form teacher as she'll definitely be there and instead get the form teacher to call her. Which is a definite better idea. However, if you have parents that are always pleased to turn up for Parent Teacher Conference, It would be best to prepare them mentally for Mrs Chu's one heck of a sticky mouth and all her negative remarks bout you. I think that Mrs Chu should wake up from her tai tai life, stop thinking that the ENtire revolves around her. Shut her stinking Gap and realise that actually everyone thinks that she's a bitch.

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