Thursday, January 17, 2008


&Baby I never want you back

Spent the entire afternoon Getting the skins and editing the template for this blog, got tired of wordpress. It's borring me out. School has been pretty much the same, Though im looking forward to CNYShopping with Cousin this Sunday.Cousin's da Bomb/Babe. These months that we havent spoke, Hasnt affected me in any way. I realised that all the time and money i've spent with and on you the past 2 years could have actually been put to better use.I LITERALLY gave you my all. You and I know very well whats holding you back from breaking up. I shan't be bothered. For once, i actually want to get over with this and carry on with life. Dont waste both of our time. I've been doing okay these few months without you. Sure, the First month was not easy, being too used to talking to you everyday for the past 2 years. I thought i'd never be able to take it, if things start to get haywired in this relationship. But, with the help n support of cousinlove, Bestie and the rest. I'm good.You'd prolly think im not good enough for you. But there are others that actually think i am for them. I guess You were TOO good for me huh. That was sacarsm by the way. Never gona cry for you anymore.

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