Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stranger Danger!!

Sorry for the lack of updates from cheezo recently, this blog really seem to be slowly transforming into my own personal blog, instead of ours. Ahah. Anyways, there's this incident that happened to us while i was in KL last week, which i feel i ought to talk about and

Create some awareness

So, it was pretty much my last day there, and Cheez had to return his car, because his parent's needed it. We decided to look up for car rental services, as i have to make my way to KLIA
at 5 in the morning , the very next day. So hee went ahead to search for car rental services online,
and got a number from this certain private dealer. And went ahead to call and make plans.

Their cheapest deal was a saga for about 180 for two days. Reasonably cheap. Then we went ahead to talk about how to go about with the transaction and et cetra. The woman on the line was an Indian lady. And she said, we don't deliver the car to hotels ( We were putting up at one that night ) only to a house. So i would need a house address. Anyone's would do, even a friend's.

Weird right?

I mean what about tourists who want to rent cars?? How are they gonna get a house address to rent the car with? Lol! So , Cheez had to explain that his girlfriend (me) is not Malaysian and we're putting up at a hotel. So after much consideration, she reluctantly agreed. Then we offered to pick the car up from the office, and she said if we want to pick the car up, we'd have to leave behind our motorbikes behind.


If we had a motorbike , TELL ME WHY would we even be needing a car?

Okay, so that time we thought, oh! maybe because they've had many cases of their own cars being stolen and really wants to take every bit of precaution to prevent that from happening.
Given them the benefit of a doubt. She said, payment of the car would me in CASH, upon arrival and the car would reach us at about 9.30 PM.

And so we waited

and waited

and waited even more

And the clock striked 11 PM, something was amiss. So cheez called back the Indian lady who gave him the number of the person sending the car over. And gave directions , he said the delay was due to a traffic jam. Traffic jam from kepong when he could have taken the highway to Damansara? And pardon me, a traffic jam at 10pm at night?

It was almost 11.30 and the person delivering the car called, the first voice he heard was a 'hello' with the woman's voice! The exact woman that he called who was apparently at her office ! Then on the next 'Hello' it was a guy's tone. They said they have arrived and asked us to head down.


Our hotel 's reception was on the second floor, thus we were able to look down and observe. We saw them getting out of a big white car. But we didn't see any SAGA ! The windows of the Big white car were VERY TINTED. Two indian man got out and said over the phone . ' We left the car at the Shell petrol station nearby, get into the white car and we'll take you there.


I told cheez to switch his phone off, and got the reception to make sure that they let non of the people into the hotel. We got one of the receptionist to take a look at the window, observe the men and explained the situation to him.


The next day, we rented a car from HAWK . A proper car rental company, for another SAGA, which was more expensive of course but definitely saved us the scare and alot of trouble.

Imagine what would happened if we entered that car... We should have found it odd from the moment they told us that they needed a house address.

To rob the house???

So guys, please me wary and aware. The company is Called 'DM Holidays' And they're one big hoax !It's sad that because of people like these, reliable private dealers get their businesses affected as well. For us, it's a lesson learnt. No private dealers for us anymore!! We could have gotten robbed and killed or kidnapped? Who knows?? Even until now thinking about the incident sends shivers down my spine. So everyone, please be alert and wary of them and many others out there just like them. It pays to look for for the little and tiniest details while making such transactions. Or maybe paying abit more for a reliable company really is just worth the money after all.


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