Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just got home, from a nearby shopping mall when i saw that EV had just tagged me to do something? So, im doing it since im bored and have nothing much to do ^^.

Im given a set of Questions about myself and am supposed to give my answers through Images that i will find in google. So in a way, you all will get to know me better from these questions! *winks!

So here goes...

1) the age you'll be on your next birthday

Super Awesomely Sweet Seventeen!

Country that you want to go:

Orange County , LA California

3) your favourite place:

Calm & quiet Beach with Clean Blue Waters.

4) your favourite food:


5) your favorite pet:


6) your favourite colour combination:

Black & Pink. Awesome.

7) your favourite piece of clothing:

Chiffon Babydoll Tubedresses!

8) your favourite song:

Currently Obsessed with :

Little Joanna - by Mcfly!

9) your favourite tv show:

10) first name of your significant other/crush:

No Pictures!! Too bad.! =p
But hints? Here's his initials!
'' CS''

11) the town in which you live:


12: your screen name/nickname:

13) your first job:

Student. lol!

14) your dream job:

Fashion Industry.

15) a bad habit you have:

Im a shopaholic, and i love retail therapy!

16) your worst fear:


17) the thing you'd like to do before you die:

Go on an Ultimate Shopping Spree!!

You guys can play toooo! Theres no limit. cos im taggin everyone in this



Acey Tang said...

hmph.. everyday bloghop here n there never stop by mine anymore...

xniquet said...

LA is the place to be...

go go go

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