Sunday, August 17, 2008

Snap Snap!

Nothing much for today, but i cant believed what i had just done, hahah. ChrisThoo from NuffNang organized a competition whereby we had to snapp pictures and get creative with a tomato! And i gave a shot at it. >< I hope i wont regret sending them in la, cause i think the pictures are very fugly! sheesh!! hahah! But i had fun in the process of snapping, it was like a girls night for me and my sister, we helped each other with the Make-Up and Just snapped loads of pictures together! I'll upload some of the pictures that ive snapped up here yeah! haha I never knew taking pictures could be that tirring! Even if i dont win, its alright, because it's not everytime that I have such fun with my sister eh. (:


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