Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fairytales we believe in

Firstly ive been contemplating over many issues the past few days,and In order not to get anything started. I threw in the white towel and gave up. Look, I dont want anything that will get in my way of my 'N' levels. I dont want stupid things happening, so let just say im staying on the sidewalk. Im playing it safe. Im fine with everyone,really! But i feel awkward. Ive come across all these fucking problem and its just a waste of time. So i thought alot, and with loads of advice from Soren and others, its best worked out with the 'You go your way, and i go mine' method. It does not have anything to do with disliking anyone. Once again, im sick of all these and for once, i decided to stick to the sidewalk. So, just understand and let me be okay?!

Also, I feel bad that ive been leaving or ignoring people. Esp to the people that i enjoyed so so much with last year. To be honest,for last year was absolutely the most most perfect year ever.
There was hardly any conflicts and i really enjoyed times with the four of us (: This year, shit happened. But two were still there for me. And i still thank god for them in my life. No matter what, they'll always be the best.You know who you guys are. Love much always no matter what. Dont forget it! :D

Okay, that was definitely a load off my chest. Three Hours of tuition at 3. Someone shoot me please. I dont want 3 hours of tuition. (sob) I think i screwed my composition. Seriously. I am so dead. How can i screw my composition. I will just cry if i get like a D for English. (rollseyes for the hudredth time) You think you're the only one that knows how to do that? Come on! ==



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