Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fuck You


I love cousin for staying over. Just got back from the DinnerDance Gala thing. Damn tired, very shagged.The heels made my legs hurt like fuuuck. Webcammed with Baby & geshy today! haha!
awesome awesome. TY bestie for ure care&concern!! haha I know parents are like that, but mine are just...retarded! ><

Everyone thinks that my family is oh so perfect, I usually get whatever i want from my parents and blah blah all that nonsense.My family is seriously screwed especially my parents.Whuuthefuuck.I do not see anything wrong with talking on the phone at 4am on a saturday night.My parents are seriously fucking overprotective.I did not even get to go out on my own till i was effiin primary six. Even now, they still treat me like im 10.My mom took away my phone because she caught me talking on the phone at 4 in the morning. What a joke! She even said' All these late night Phone calls will make you fail Your N levels' Whutthefuck?Even if i dont talk on the phone or whatever shit.I can fail my N levels if i want to uh. I am studying for gods sake.But you know. Explaining all these shit to her wouldnt even matter because she would just listen to whatever that asshole says because she's so afraid to loose him.And i fucking despise you for that.Fuck la, you're like his dog.He ask you to Go left you go left. Ask you to jump down from the building im sure you gladly will.If i were you i would have been independent and gotten rid of that bastard a long time ago already.Then you wouldnt be so mentally unsound now because of him.But heck eh, my parents are so stupid. they forgot that ive got a spare phone with me.And im gona get a new number later.And if i fail my N levels it would be Your fault that you didnt give me a piece of mind but yet come up with all that fucking nonsense.Which will lead to me being unable to concentrate in school and thus failing my N levels. And i will hate you for that forever.And bastard, no matter what shit you give me. Even your entire fortune. It can never make up for the damage that you caused. You rid me of a good childhood and i fucking hate you for that. I lovelove Cousin, Baby and others that have been here for me,at least this time round my sister supported me.B! Im so sorry i had to hang up so quickly last night.Thanks for hearing me blaber about my dad and all his fucked up nonsense and being there for me. Thanks for opening up to me about your past and telling me the truth,watching out for me because you know that i trust people easily.Im glad tht ive got you with me now.

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