Monday, May 19, 2008

Tonight, will be the night that i will fall for you ;over again.
Probably Not.

You called, and i thought that it was someone else, hahah only to realise that its you. It felt weird cos he would never say things like that until i realised that its you.You said you missed me, and that you know that you acted like a jerk { At least you know }.But all of a sudden, I didnt feel anything when u called. I missed you but..I dont want to go through it all again. { am talking to cousin love now, am feeling much much better } Cousin & Venetta. Cousin is going away to Malacca for her School Trip and Venetta's going away for her school camp. Do take lots of care. And becareful. I'll miss you both. You'll Both be back on friday and we'll be all set for another sleep over, a longer one and Watching Charliee the Donkey on Youtube hahahh. Love you both.

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