Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I hate the rain, Dampens our mood. I wana go out with cousin soon. I am sick, and so is doreen.
What we need is loadsa rest, Get well soon pretty. Love ya. I hate tomorrow, cos i hafta go to school. F&N N' Level Practical please, God MAKE ME SCORE AN A!! Sigh, but still need hard work and strategy on my part right?Seriously, all these Years of scoring in my practical is just luck on my part really.Like, everyone knows that i dont even bother about what chu is talking about in class.Even during practical. I follow as told on how to cook the thing, then when i get home, i forget everything.I shall get proper rest on Friday :3 You make my day,&dont know it.
how long more do you intend to keep me waitin? Cos i aint guna wait forever. xo


SexyShoulders {Ven&Usha}
{ Ven&Karen }
{ Stoopid Peacock that frightened me }
{ Usha,Doreen,Nessa }
{ Doreen&Nessa }
{ Nessa&Karen(again) }
{ Nessa&Doreen(again) }
{ Nessa&Adora}

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