Saturday, April 19, 2008

This connection that would't let go.

Too Tired to look for pictures, so it'll just be a plain post today, FunFair was Great, Though the plannings and other stuff didnt go so well, like me writing out the alphabets on the wrong way on the banner and other stuff. But in the end the whole thing turned out to be a total success. We got customers after customers coming to play the game, some even playing multiple times. Haha
I walked around alot. Thankyou THAMTHAM(:, Quincy, nick & others for coming to support me. Aha. Though funfair wasnt fantastic Yeah but you all still came. hehs. To everyone in 4MM.
You guys did a great Job. Lets not look at everyones participation today, Lets look at the overall situation. Everyone did their part and did something, be it colouring or whichever. All of us did chipp in to make this event a complete success. So great Job 4mm loves. (:

Im tired. So im gona head to bed.

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