Wednesday, March 19, 2008

xoxo, love you always.

Aww just got off msn with Geshy, he's really really sweet. You know
of those relationships whereby You both love each other but know what you two really cant be together? Yeah, we're like that. How we broke up, was dumb. But we've never stopped liking each other. He'll always be my baby, yeah?(: Though after we broke up, he's been through a couple of relationships and so have i. And i have benjamin now. Theres always a place for geshy in my heart.
Im glad that he's made it into poly, im glad that he's getting a car, Im glad that he's gona get his driving liscence soon. I miss him alot. And missed the times we had spent together. He'll always be my super good friend (with benefits) haha. Im boreeed. I dont want to go to school tomorrow !!!
I dont want F&N classes. Tsk Tsk

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