Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sorry;i think its over.

I apologise for that really short post Yesterday, i had to admit, after all that cousin had told me and after all that i had experienced myself, i felt really freaked out. He seems really obsessed. Which is darn scary. Ok, so its prolly cute at first to have someone really like u . But it seems to turn into obsession and it's really really freaky.And to add to it, i think we really rushed into this relationship. We only knew each other for a few days and we got together the very next day after me & BH broke up. This is messed up and weird and freaky and scary. I think, its better to get over before ur feelings start to get deeper? It seems alr deep enough, and its scary that ur feelings seemed so deep, through all the conversations u told cousin, it seemed to the point of obsession?
When we've only been together for what? 6 days. I think we've really rushed through things uh.

Went out with cousin love yesterday, Im seriously darn lucky to have cousins that rock. Thank god they arent twits and weird kinda people, ive got darn gifted and amazing cousin, each and everyone of them (: Eunice & i went for Sakae Sushi at HarbourFront :D spent the time , talking and chatting. And cousin, told me Heaps of stuff that he said bout me. Scary obsessive stuff!
Im freaking out, because ive never experienced such stuff in my life ever~Anyhows! Shopping without money seriously sucks.Me & cousin were like brokeee, and we could only like window shop? haha, we'll do some proper shopping soon yeah? haha, i love cousin Truckloadds. XoXoXo

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