Monday, February 18, 2008

You're my Wonderwall.

Just sent Doreen off to get a cab home. Am exhausted. Seeing you like this. But i shant be bothered anymore. Its like when you find new ones, You dont even bother about those that has hlped you of were there for you last time already. Extremly dissapointed. Because you can as much as ignore. But what can i say. We'll see if the upcoming events will help play a part to set things right. But if it dosent, then i dont know what to say anymore.
Doreen Came over to 'Study Literature' yups 'STUDY' (: In fact, studying lit means Forms of communication about our personal life and gossips right! haha It also includes webcamming with classmates! hehs we webcammed with Luyi. And doreen was acting like a lunatic. :x joking. But it was hell funny. Its always enjoyable having a long chat with doreen. Am gona go watch Jumper with Thanusha next saturday. Anyone interested? (: I miss B, havent spoke to him like then entire day. I figure he didnt bring his phone to school again. And he went out after school or something. Must be playing dota again. Dota is like officially my worse enemy. hehs. Hopefully tomorrow would be a much better day. Maths paper was okay, Pretty confident. Hopes to pass.(:

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