Monday, February 11, 2008


It amazing that during the CNYs i've been over at my new place , leaving my computer here and not wanting to use it.Hehs, The CNYs were great, Recieved about $500+ with more to come. Got my hair temporarily curled. Felt pretty weird when i saw the curls, since i've been living with my straight hair for the past few years.And even during that period where i still had my curls, my hair wasnt as curly as the curls i had the other day. I'm told that it's called the Princess Curl, i think. And Yesterday, i baked baby Muffins for everyone to eat :D Even Brought some to school today for a couple of people to eat. Hope you loves enjoyed them. School bores me too much. D:
I doubt i'd be blogging everyday until the computer gets settled down at the new place.

BY Im glad that you're finally back.
iloveyooo. hehs

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