Saturday, February 2, 2008


Hands up, fast up, people come on, you like my shit,
You ain't ready, I can't hear y'all,
Uffies got that shitEast side, west side, where you at?
Come on! Uffie's in this bitch!
Get money, don't stop, ladies stop bitchin' I can rock this shit.

Now it seems to me you fagots got a whole lot of questions,
On this damn holler board you bitches getting some action,
It's obviously a problem, but I won't restrict myself,
Is it hip hop or it is it electro or damn is she coming from hell?

Oh please excuse me bitch but I fuck all you wannabees,
It's just straight into that gossip, you don't have any fiz,
A lot of people read your crap this is web pollution,
This is why I ain't complaining bitch over free promotions
If you just called me a cunt in some other word like fuck,
But after this you'll be the one sucking a whole lot of dicks
You brought my popularity ratings higher than ever (aha!),
Thank you, your whole bullshit comments have worked real clever!
Before I answer you bitch, let me spit one question:
If you hate me so much, what's up with your obsession?
I just do my things tight and I don't care about hypes
So run back to your computer, your mum, and your crack pipe.

Hands up, fast up, people come on,
How do you like my shit,You ain't ready,
I can't hear y'all,Uffies got that shit.
East side, west side, where you at?
Come on!Uffie's in this bitch!
Get money, don't stop, ladies stop bitchin'
I can rock this shit.(Yeah) I can rock this shit,
Uffie's got that shit (aha),
Uffie's in this bitch.Yo

Ok, now let's get back to that last pathetic whore (aha),
You think you got me in my crusader gear, well done!
You rap analysis fools should be a bit more clever
,Get back to your dusty mix tape, your CDs and your stickers.
I can't believe all these crowds, it worked out so well.
Maybe I shove my glock in bed so you can shove it in your mouth

We got our shit all tight we don't care about you jealous ass whores.
From getting off your couch get a fucking life instead of staying on internet dissin' us
You even got this, your words don't mean a thing.
All you got is your mom bringing your fucking cookies to your computer,
Tryin' to get a fucking life!
Hahaha Bitch!

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